What Is Construction Project Management Software?

What Is Construction Project Management Software?

What Is Construction Project Management Software?

A building site is a place that entails plenty of processes. Most of these processes, however, if not managed properly, can cause a huge mix-up during building, thus derailing the process. Construction project management software, is, therefore, ideal to ensure excellent results. Managing a building process entails handling the resources involved in the process until completion. It includes a broader range of constraints to think through, which are particular to the plan and structure of building sites.

Managing a site is not a walk in the park, given that there are plenty of things involved. For this reason, acquiring construction project management software is essential to help organize your work.

What is construction project management software?

Construction project management software is a system that aids in scheduling and tracking worker activities, punchout lists, and billing. The tool is essential as it enables workers, contractors, and subcontractors to manage workflows. Basically, these systems serve as solutions and come with additional features. These features include managing documents, budget and bids, accounting, workflow mechanization, and supply organisation.

The solutions are essential as they help engineers, architects, and workers to communicate the work progress, keep track of the costs and expenses, plan resources, and monitor timelines. Construction project management software is also called contractor software.

Advantages of construction project management software

Construction project management software

Implementing construction project management software in a firm is essential as it provides plenty of benefits.

·         Improves accountability

When your firm has proper document control skills, they can help reduce liability. This occurs when it creates a cybernetic paper trail for RFIs, plans, variation orders, and submittals, among others. All records are then stored in an integrated repository equipped with version control and tracking. This ensures all participants are notified of any additions or updates.

·         Financial visibility

Since an accounting and cost-control unit are set in place, it is easy to track how the actual costs compare to the estimates. The system enables you to set up notifications to alert you in case the process goes beyond the initial budget. Integrating the system into accounting and job costing systems will ensure accuracy in data and provide progressively valued economic acumens over time.

·         Improves collaboration

Construction project management software is based online. Therefore, all participants can work together even when they are away from the site. These parties get to analyze and markup plans, provide RFIs and receive rejoinders. They can also affect a change order in real-time and on the website.

·         Improves work allocation

Managers get to allocate tasks to workers with ease. It allows everyone in that site to know their daily duties beforehand, eliminating confusion. Construction project management software will notify managers when a plan doesn’t go as expected or meet the set timelines.

Features of construction management software

Ø  Bid Organisation

This is where you request and receive bids from third-party stakeholders and subcontractors. After which, you evaluate and compare bids to choose the best option.

Ø  Document Organisation

You can generate, monitor, store, and manage all the documents for the process and workforce-related documents. This makes it easy for stakeholders to search for the appropriate documentation.

Ø  Process Organisation

You can create a detailed and gradual workflow for every process.

Ø  Job costing or budget tracking

This is when you assign and document all the costs involved in concluding each task. You can then compare the cost with the budget estimates.

Ø  Contract Organisation

The construction project management software helps maintain an integrated repository of all contract agreements between your firm, clients, suppliers, vendors, and third-party stakeholders.

Ø  Timesheet Organisation

You can monitor the working hours of your employees.

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