The Pros and Cons of Constructing Your Own House

The Pros and Cons of Constructing Your Own House

The Pros and Cons of Constructing Your Own House

There are many benefits of using home builders in Perth to construct and design your house. If you want to have the dream house you always wanted, then you’ll want to consult with home builders in Perth to ensure that the job gets done to your satisfaction. However, there are many other benefits of having your house custom designed to your liking. Let’s check out some of the benefits!

It can be cheaper

If you are savvy with your choices, it can actually be cheaper to have home builders in Perth construct your property as opposed to purchasing an existing property. This is because you won’t have the added stress of paying for real estate fees. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay stamp duty only on the value of the land, not the value of the house. You can also barter down the fees from your constructor.

First property owner benefits

You can also benefit from the First Home Owners Grant, which is available if you purchase a house that has never been lived in before. However, this is very much dependent on the state you live in. The package includes the removal of stamp duty on houses up to $650 000, stamp duty relief for houses up to $800 000 and a $10 000 grant to the constructors of new properties valued up to $750 000.


Design every detail

When you acquire the services of home builders in Perth, you are guaranteed to get the house you want! Why? While it will be challenging, you can design and specify the construction of your new property, ensuring that your new property contains every element and characteristic you dreamed of. It could be a wrap-around veranda or an open, spacious kitchen. Either way, by constructing your own house, you are getting everything you ever wanted!

You can’t move in right away

While there are many great advantages of using home builders in Perth to construct your property, there are disadvantages. One is you can’t move in straight away obviously. You will need to factor in how long construction will take and how much it will cost to temporarily live somewhere else. Furthermore, if you are moving into an estate, there is a good chance that construction will continue, even after you have moved in and settled. So, if you’re looking to constructing your own house, using home builders in Perth, be aware that there could be a time delay throughout the process.

Spiraling costs

While constructing your own property from scratch can be cheaper, it can also be more expensive, particularly if costs are left to spiral out of control. If you aren’t properly monitoring your expenditures, things can blow out pretty quickly. Because of this, you need to be very careful when reading through your contract with your home builders in Perth. Modifications may need to be made during constructions, which could incur some additional costs. Put simply, be proactive and ask plenty of questions during the planning stage.

Buy an existing house or start from scratch?

At the end of the day, it is up to you as to whether you wish to consult with home builders in Perth. You should obviously take into consideration your own personal needs and wants before committing to a decision. It may be more financially viable. On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting for a period of time, then make sure to consider constructing your own property, as you are more likely to get the house you have always wanted. If you want your dream house, consult with constructors today!

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