Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable with a Hawaiian Party Theme

Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable with a Hawaiian Party Theme

Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable with a Hawaiian Party Theme

Give your guests another good reason to remember your wedding reception for life. Plan your wedding differently and make everyone part of the celebration – if that’s your motive, why not purchase Hawaiian party supplies and throw a wedding reception the way Hawaiians do?

A Hawaiian wedding reception is a trend in wedding celebrations that catches the fancy of the majority of couples out there because it’s a unique way to announce the sacred union and encourage maximum participation of guests. It’s easy to get affordable Hawaiian party supplies and decorations anywhere across the globe, and the money that you save can go nicely towards other arrangements.

A Hawaiian themed wedding reception is not only a fun way to commemorate the day, but it’s also a perfect way to entertain guests and make them hula all the way home. We are sure that must have painted a pretty picture in your head. Now here’s how to go about turning it into reality.

  1. The first step is to get all your Hawaiian party supplies in place.

A Hawaiian wedding reception starts with the right décor. To begin with, make sure the decoration is heavily governed by bright colours – the pink, orange, crimson, and cyan. You can either mix and match all the colours or use one or two of them to stick to throughout the event. This is an important point to keep in mind while shopping around for Hawaiian party supplies.

  1. You have all the supplies in place. What’s next?

Based on the assumption that you have purchased all essential Hawaiian party supplies, here are a few tips on how to use them.

Hawaiian Name Tags

Use these name tags to scribble the name of your guests in catchy fonts. You may also consider translating the name of your guests into Hawaiian before transferring onto the tags.

Hawaiian centrepieces

With all the Hawaiian party supplies that you have, it’s easy to create the centrepiece that’s visible from a distance. But to complement the bigger picture, you can create smaller centrepieces as well. Gather up tropical fruits, put them into glass bowls and place them at every table. You can also use Hawaiian figurines as a topping on the cake. After all, who wouldn’t love to savour a Hawaiian cake?

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches light up the venue like a Hawaiian beach party. Place the torches at the entrance and all the way through it to set the perfect mood. You can use silk drapes between tiki torches to create the decorative effect.

Now it’s time to welcome your guests

When you send out the invitation, make sure your guests know what it is all about so they show up dressed according to the theme. As they arrive, provide them with leis to match the tone and tenor of the occasion. Make sure your Hawaiian party supplies has leis, hats, skirts and everything that makes up the good times.

Treat them to Hawaiian delicacies.

Surprise! Your guests might not be expecting this, but you can catch them off guard. Treat them to delicacies like Teriyaki Beef, Mochiko Chicken, Mahi Mahi grill, Lomi Lomi Salmon and a few traditional Hawaiian beverages, like Blue Hawaiians and Mai Tais to go down with.

If there has never been a Hawaiian-themed reception in your family before, this could be the right time to start off. Best of luck, guys! Or as the Hawaiians say – oi o ka loaa a!

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