How Australian Companies Can Drive Efficiency Through The Skype Availability Light

How Australian Companies Can Drive Efficiency Through The Skype Availability Light

How Australian Companies Can Drive Efficiency Through The Skype Availability Light

Communication is a fundamental practice that brands all across the country are striving to improve, yet there is often minimal understanding as to the steps necessary to make those improvements.

This is where the Skype availability busylight comes into play, an asset that has the capacity to improve a domestic business in Australia through a number of key features.

The Skype name has been synonymous with innovation in the domain of communication all across the globe, allowing departments and colleagues from different continents to connect and synchronise their activity.

However, for the day-to-day operation to be a success, there is little point advocating for a grand scheme that looks at the big picture on the part of managers.

These are professionals that have to run the business with the return on investment (ROI) front of mind, achieving targets and benchmarks outlined by the organisation.

In that respect, it is important to review the advantages of this availability light program from Skype to see where the marginal gains can be sourced for domestic managers.


Streamlines Optimisation Through Central Hub

The good news about the Skype availability busylight program is the inclusion of a centralised hub where notifications and alerts can be processed. A supervisor who is monitoring the status of the call desk department can check when agents are available, when they are busy, away or about to wrap up their conversation. Streamlining this initiative helps to provide clarity for all parties as customers are not left waiting on hold for minutes at a time and their query can be addressed promptly. This model also helps companies judge the performance of agents and the qualitative measurements of their calls.


Customer Service Metrics Improve

For companies that are running a comprehensive customer service department, the requirement of having a Skype availability busylight is paramount to running an effective operation. Shorter waiting times lead to a higher satisfactory rate, leading to stronger brand loyalty and recommendations to friends, family and colleagues. It is a means of gaining crucial momentum when many other competitors are struggling to keep up with their customer service demands.


Versatile Operating Model

The Skype availability light application comes in a range of integrated hardware models and support platforms to provide for large scale corporations and small to medium enterprises. From lights with sound to mini applications and portable programming, there is a scale for companies that can invest in a comprehensive package to those that want a softer introduction. That versatility is key for clients that want to upgrade or downgrade given a change of circumstances.


Workplace Interruptions Reduced

The colour coding and visibility of the Skype availability light ensures that workplace interruptions are kept to a minimum. It is evident for any employee or employer situated in the environment to understand if an individual is available, busy, waiting or unavailable. Delays and continual interruptions cut down on productivity and this program acts to reduce those numbers in a proactive sense.


Eliminates Sound Distractions

The workplace can be a frantic environment where phone calls, alters, photocopier sounds and loud conversations make for a cluttered and manic space to be situated in. The Skype availability light helps to comply with the need to be assertive in this respect, giving clarity when there can be confusion. Especially for individuals who have visual or hearing impairments, this is a surefire way to address that issue directly.



The Skype availability light acts to drive productivity. Each and every facet that has been discussed helps to push that agenda, even if these benefits are not evident on face value or in the short-term review process. What will become clear is that the internal department will achieve their goals and those consumers external to the business machinations will be happier for a speedier reception. Global companies are already making inroads with this program, so it is about time Australian enterprises do likewise.


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