How a blog can help your SEO efforts

How a blog can help your SEO efforts

When increasing your online presence, a common recommendation is to start a blog. While it has been proven to be an effective measure, how does a blog actually boost how people find your website? Blogs are commonly used because they help your SEO efforts while still providing quality content for your visitors to read. Search engine optimisation is the strategy of improving your ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing so that more people can find and then visit your website.


While there are many other avenues to increase your SEO Australia efforts, below is a focus on how a blog can help you and your website specifically.


User experience

A big pushing point for websites is the user satisfaction of their experience while on your website. If you have walls of text that is like being punched in the face by a book you will find that your bounce rate will sky rocket and your leads won’t turn into sales. Giving your audience a reason to stay on your website is what will increase the session time and is a deciding factor that can help a potential client choose your business.


Bounce rates and session times are important factors that search algorithms take into consideration when deciding on your rank. If your website flows well and is easy to navigate from a user perspective, chances are the algorithm will also be able to tell what your website is all about with ease.


Having a blog that is laid out nicely along with pictures adds a unique element to your website where you can talk to people like people and not a robot. People will in turn see that you are a genuine business that they will then feel comfortable to work with you.


Social media and back links

Another great reason to start a blog on your website is how easy it is to get links and referral traffic from your social media channels. Blog posts translate well onto social media and can be easily shared to further increase your reach. Links from other sources is also an important factor that goes into search engine optimisation.


The basic concept of back links involves having your content hosted on other websites that then link to your own. This tells the search engine algorithms that your websites offers value and the fact that other websites link to yours must mean that is trustworthy. When your website and blog reaches a point where people want to share and link to your website you have achieved a point that many businesses dream of where you are essentially getting SEO work for free because of your foundations.


Trust and security

It is also important to note that SEO has a lot to do with trust and security. As mentioned before, websites that are more trusted will have better SEO. While other sources may deem your website trustworthy, if you don’t do the right measures yourself you could be wasting your time. Be sure not to enlist any black hat link services to promote your blog. This could lead to a spam penalty being placed on your website which ultimately hinders its ability to perform.


Additionally SSL certificates are now essential for websites to be deemed “safe” by Google. These simple things will ensure that your website and blog are reaping the SEO rewards that they have to offer.

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