7 Benefits of Using Online Wedding Invitations

7 Benefits of Using Online Wedding Invitations

7 Benefits of Using Online Wedding Invitations

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. Arguably one of the most important things is making sure all of your guests know when and where the event will take place so they can attend. Traditionally, couples send out paper save the dates, however, there is a new trend emerging where many couples are opting for online wedding invitations. If you are unsure about this choice, keep reading to find out the benefits of using online wedding invitations.


  1. It’s Cheaper

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is exceptionally expensive, so for many couples it’s important to find ways to reduce the cost. One way of making things a little cheaper without impacting your big day is through using online wedding invitations. Although invites may not seem like a hugely expensive part of the day, costs can easily add up. What many couples don’t realize is that you not only have to pay for the design process, but you also have to pay for printing and postage. Once you add up all the invites you’ll need to send, not only for the big day, but also for save the date, bridal showers and rehearsals, it starts to get really costly. This is why using a virtual method instead of physical is a better option; it can actually save you hundreds!


  1. Post is Outdated

The simple fact is that these days, post is quite outdated. Nowadays, people check their emails far more regularly than they check their letter box. As a result of this, sending an online wedding invitation is probably a better option. Sending anything over email means that your message will get to the recipient instantly, and you will likely get a response instantly. Some couples worry that older relatives who don’t use email will struggle to receive the message, but it is really easy for another family member to help them with this. The amount of people that don’t use the internet is greatly outnumbered by the amount of people that do.


  1. Faster Responses

Anytime you plan a party, you need to know exactly how many people will be attending this is no different when it comes to your ceremony and reception. Online wedding invitations mean that you won’t have to wait weeks for a response; your guests can actually RSVP as soon as they receive the email, which is usually within a few minuets of you sending them! The fact that you know how many people are coming as quickly as possible is super convenient and will make the rest of the process much easier!


  1. Easier to Update

Anything to do with the special day is important, so it’s no wonder why many couples want their save the dates to be perfect too. However, when it comes to paper send outs, changing anything is a complete nightmare- and adds even more costs! This is another reason why online wedding invitations are a better option; you are able to make any alterations in just a few easy clicks! You don’t have to commit to any design until you choose to save and send them.




  1. No Delivery Mistakes

The last thing a bride or groom wants is to have the added worry of wondering if their relatives actually received the information about the big day. Did you get the address wrong? Did the post office make a mistake? It’s honestly just added stress that you don’t need. Online wedding invitations are sent via email, meaning that if you accidentally type in the wrong email address, the server lets you know. It takes out any worry that the message got lost somewhere along the way. You can rest soundly knowing that everyone who was supposed to get the message actually got it.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

One of the worst things about mailing save the dates for your big day is the waste of paper. Everyone knows that the paper will just end up in the bin after your guests have read the information and used the contact details to RSVP. If this is the case, what’s the point in wasting paper and money, when there are now better options. Online wedding invitations obviously don’t require paper, and therefore reduce any excess waste. Therefore, an added benefit of using emails to send your event details is that it is also a more environmentally friendly option.


  1. It’s Easier for Guests

There are so many perks of using digital media to give your guests information about your big day, one of which is that it is simply easier for your guests. When you use virtual save the dates, you are also able to link them to any other event information pages. Furthermore, when the event comes through via email or any other media, it will automatically create a reminder in the calendar on the device. Therefore, guests will get regular reminders and make it impossible for them to forget about the event. Essentially, sending online save the dates make things easier for guests.

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