5 Tips For Securing A Great Accounting Internship

5 Tips For Securing A Great Accounting Internship

5 Tips For Securing A Great Accounting Internship

Vocational training is essential in many industries to allow students to transition into working professionals. It gives the student the opportunity to put what they’ve learned to the test in a realistic setting that will prepare them for the actual day-to-day activities of their preferred profession.

For those studying finance, you might be on the lookout for excellent accounting internships that will give you the kick-start your career really needs. However, finding a vocational placement that’s both engaging and that gives you a head-start in the industry can be a lot easier said than done.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take to give you the best chance of securing the ideal accounting internship.


1: Make sure you have a great resume ready

Apply for accounting internships is a lot like applying for jobs; you need to persuade the employer to give you a chance based on your experience and credentials. Of course, a student won’t have much or any professional experience, so employers will be looking at other factors to determine your suitability for the placement.

However, many placements can be highly competitive, especially if they are advertised as a means of landing a permanent position with the company. In this case, employers may be looking for someone who has work experience, so it may be prudent for you to try and get some under your belt.


2: Take advantage of the resources at your school

Most educational institutions will have some kind of faculty that deals with career placements and you can find a lot of great accounting internships here. The staff in these faculties will be able to help you with resume preparation, interview preparation and what to expect from your placement.


3: Use your family and friends

One of the best ways to land a position anywhere is with the help of a family member or friend. They will be able to vouch for you to an employer so that you have an immediate advantage over other candidates.

Make sure you cast as wide a net as possible without becoming a nuisance to people. You should only ask someone once if they know about any openings for accounting internships that you can apply for.


4: Prepare for the interview


No matter what approach you take for finding your accounting internship, you’ll need to do well in an interview at some point or another. Preparing for an interview can sound like a daunting prospect, especially if the firm you are applying it is quite high-profile.

Above all, remember to dress the part and act professionally. A corporate office won’t want to take on someone who likes dishevelled or too casual and has poor social manners.

Make sure you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the prospect of getting the placement without overselling it. Be prepared for questions about your weaknesses and don’t give lame answers like “I work too hard”.


5: Make a decision about which offer you want to accept

Even if you only get one offer in your search for accounting internships, you need to think about it before accepting. If you have multiple offers then it may be prudent to compare them to see which will be the right fit for you.

If you need to balance your studies with your placement, then make sure that you don’t have any conflicts in your schedule. Also, try to make sure you pick a placement that is going to give you the maximum benefit for your time.

While many vocational placements are unpaid, some will pay you a certain amount and they may be more preferable depending on your circumstances.




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