5 Fun Activities to Compliment Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

5 Fun Activities to Compliment Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

5 Fun Activities to Compliment Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Registering for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is one of the best ways to see the natural beauty that is on show in the United States of America.

Either accompanied with a close group of friends, family members or a spouse, this adventure will allow you to soak in over 70 million years of history across a vast desert plain that spans close to 5,000km in radius.

From the incredible Skywalk feature that gives you a safe gauge for the scope and depth of one of the seven wonders of the world to the National Park that is situated close to the arrival point, there is so much to pack into this all day round trip.

However, there are many tourists domestically and from overseas who decide to extend their placement beyond the trip from Arizona, Colorado or Nevada, enjoying other fun activities that can be incorporated with these flights.

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Camping in the Great Outdoors

Camping is an activity that is ideal for those adventurers who want to take in the grandeur up close and personal in an intimate setting, exposed to the elements and enjoying all that the open Arizona air has to offer. When arriving from your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, there will be avenues where you can take your gear out to popular camping hot spots including the Trailer Village, Desert View Campground, Jacob Lake Campground and sites across North Rim and South Rim respectively.


Bright Angel Trail

There are groups who sign up for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour simply to begin their activity that they are most excited about, namely the Bright Angel Trail. This iconic trekking adventure has been made famous through various theatrical releases over the decades as it offers a comprehensive view of the canyon from the ground floor. You are essentially starting at ground zero of the landscape and maneuvering through narrow gravel strips. A good pit stop location can be found at Indian Gardens where travelers rest and recuperate for the remainder of the trek.


White-Water Rafting

For adrenaline junkies who want to amp up their experience beyond camping or walking the trail beyond their Grand Canyon helicopter tour, white-water rafting comes highly recommended. Many of those who are fit and young at heart will like to ride on two wheels with a bicycle, but heading into the Colorado River water with nothing but your paddle and your wits is an experience that will never be forgotten. This can be a high-octane thrill ride that is not for the faint of heart, but does balance the unpredictable rapids with stunning views of Indian ruins and glorious landscape.



Have you ever heard of a drive-through zoo? Well this is something you can actually experience beyond your Grand Canyon helicopter tour as Bearizona offers participants the chance to journey through this natural environment that features many of the greatest local inhabitants in a controlled setting. Of course Bearizona would not be complete with a glance at some bears, but it will also feature species of bison, lynx, red fox, raccoons and much more.


Havasu Falls

No it is not an illusion, the Havasu Falls is the real thing! This stunning and natural oasis is situated close by for those Grand Canyon helicopter tour participants who want to soak in a backdrop that is custom made for portraits and digital backdrops. It might be an aesthetic that is amazing from a few thousand feet in the air, but it is something else altogether from up close. This location is a particularly popular hot spot for travelers heading to the canyon in the summer months, needing a place to cool off.


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